Monday, 30 January 2012

Procrastination Isn't The Key When Graduate Job Hunting

After a lovely Christmas break and a no doubt boozy New Year it’s difficult to get back in the swing of things, especially when repetitively filling out application forms and altering your graduate CV and Cover Letter. However, it’s a crucial element of your graduate job search.

Unfortunately there is a whole world of distractions as soon as you turn your computer on. You may have the best of intentions and sit down with a resolution of not checking your Facebook, not tweeting about everything you do and staying at the desk until you have finished but how long do those intentions last?

Before you sit down do the cleaning, washing, cooking and tidying or you will probably end up being distracted by them. Eat before you begin so you don’t constantly feel to get up and get food and, if you don’t need the internet, unplug it so you avoid distracting sites. If all else fails then employ your willpower, the task at hand is important and the less distracted you allow yourself to get, the quicker it will be done and the better quality your applications and your graduate CV will be.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Don't Make A Mistake While Seeking A Graduate Job

Looking for your first graduate job can be a busy and confusing time. With so much going on it’s easy to make mistakes and overlook certain areas.

Always remember to be organised with your search, knowing who you want to apply to and why will help you write a better, tailored graduate CV and cover letter. Remember to check your references first, ensure the person is happy to provide a reference and a good one too. Also don’t use a work email, using your employers resources for personal reasons won’t impress graduate recruiters.

Limiting your job options is also a common mistake. It is good to have focus when it comes to your job search, but remain open minded about opportunities rather than only considering one specific role. Don’t write off temporary roles either, they provide you with good work experience and can often lead to a permanent role within the company.

Finally, send a thank you note. Most people don’t think about this, which is why you should and be sure to stand out from the crowd.

Monday, 16 January 2012

The Importance Of First Impressions When Applying For Graduate Jobs

With the competitiveness of today’s graduate job market the first impression you give to potential graduate recruiters is of the upmost importance. This first impression is of course your graduate CV. With more and more applications being received by companies it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to distinguish between applicants.

PwC is expecting an all time high of 30,000 applications for their graduate scheme, of which they will interview about 7000, meaning eliminating a lot of people on paper. But they have expressed their fears of missing hidden talent due to this process.

Ensure your CV is neat and tidy, on nice paper and avoids needless information. Keep it punchy and 2 pages maximum. Use your time wisely; extra-curricular activities are just as important as academics so get involved in as much as possible so that your CV stands out from the crowd.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Make Getting A Graduate Job Your New Year’s Resolution

Okay, so last year was full of bad news about the graduate jobs market, which has no doubt put a lot of stress on everyone currently looking for, or starting to think of looking for, a graduate job. But now it’s 2012, a new year and a new start.
It’s that time when everyone is making their new year’s resolutions; why not stray from the normal ones such as joining a gym, going on that extreme diet and trying to lose a stone in a month? Instead think of those things you REALLY need to do this New Year, such as achieving the elements you need to in order to have a fruitful job search (CV writing, taking part in things to improve your CV and number of applications sent a month for example). Just make sure they’re realistic. Set yourself an achievable goal to ensure you remain motivated throughout the year, stick to your resolution and land yourself your dream graduate job.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Grow Your Network When Looking For A Graduate Job

The graduate job market is very competitive, with many graduates fighting to be seen by graduate recruiters. Networking events are a great way to see and be seen by important contacts within companies, so make use of them.

There are a few things to remember at networking events, whether they are small events or large career fairs. Think of them as a way to get to know the graduate recruiters, showing interest and asking for advice in a friendly, professional manner will make them more willing to help you. Be confident, directly introduce yourself and open with a question to get the juices flowing. Always mind your appearance too; you want to appear smart and professional so save the tracksuits and hoodies for the comfort of your own living room.

A lot of universities hold their own departmental networking events, which a selection of employers attend. These are a great way to network as they are much smaller. At events it can be beneficial to take a contact card with you to give out, rather than a CV which may not get read. The best thing to do though is get a contact card from the employers so that you can take control and initiate contact, a sure fire way to ensure you are remembered.